I’m worried I got in too deep...


So around 2 months ago one of my close friends from college introduced me to this guy. We started hanging out all the time and I enjoyed being with him. Someone who seemed to genuinely care. We started flirting, but I figured since he was friends with a lot of females he did that kind of thing a lot. I even told him that to his face. He kept telling me he didn’t and I kind of assumed he liked me as a friend. I’ve become friends with some of his friends and apparently he was telling the truth. I’m the only one he really gets they way with. A few days ago we were studying at my apartment together like we often do, and I accidentally tickled him so I took advantage of that since he always wants to tickle me. He ends up pinning my arms back and cornering me so I can’t do it and kisses me. I’m the type of person to not give things much thoughts and go with the moment so I kissed him back. It was just a simple kiss but it started happening everyday. As of last night the kissing got a little more intimate. He walked me back to my apartment since I don’t have a vehicle and he couldn’t move his due to the road being blocked off. There was just a huge party/event that happened on campus so he knew I didn’t want to walk back through that alone since it was dark and there were so many drunk people. It got really late and started feeling cold so he stayed over. Because of the cold my skin had been feeling more sensitive so I was more ticklish than I normally am (not normally at all) so now he started having fun with that. We were fooling around and simple kissing turned into French kissing almost all night. Anytime he would go to kiss me I wouldn’t think and just go along with it. He ended up sliding his hands down the back of my pants at the top of my butt or up my shirt towards my boob and I wasn’t ready to go that far so I carefully moved his hand and he felt terrible and was apologizing. He left at noon today and I can’t help but feel terrible things even got this far. I’m pretty sure I heard him say something about loving me while I was half asleep. I’ve only had feelings one time in my life and have distanced my feelings because of getting hurt. But now I might be doing that to someone else and I really don’t want that. He asked me out before and I said sure but I told him it concerned me because anytime some guy asked me out and we didn’t click, they wouldn’t want to continue being friends because it can be hard to be friends with someone you had feelings for. I’m worried it’ll definitely be hard for him to want to keep being friends with me now after last night. Our tongues were literally down each other’s throat all night basically. He said we will definitely always be friends before, but now I’m worried I got in too deep. I don’t want to lose anyone, but with school going on, relationships are way too distracting. What do I do?? I never intended to lead anyone on

Friendship problem


In my school I have friends and they are friendly but when we talk we talk like strangers. I feel don’t fit in with them. They all talk about stuff and when it is a joke they all laugh and I don’t understand a thing they say or what kind of things they like. We all have nothing in common, like really nothing.

I am a girl.

Broken marriage


To start I've been with my now husband for 7 years. We started off rocky and I was about to end things 3 years ago when I found out he had saved photos of another woman to his email right after we got back together the first time.. in 2013 but I found out I was pregnant and we lived in bliss of the excitement of having a baby. I was only 23..I got married a year ago (we won a wedding) I thought this is what I wanted and I knew we had communication issues but did it anyway.. i went back to nursing school which takes up all your time) to realize I fight with him all the time. Communication is 0 between us, when I Express that he doesn't seem to understand me ever. Its frustrating. At the end of the semester last may I went to a party with my class mates and ended up making out with someone almost leading to sex. This ate me alive all summer i feel like a terrible person. But I thought we could work things out this summer before I start school again. Turns out we didnt. Same old same old communication problem I asked if we could see a therapist together and after explaining why weeks before he still didnt see the issue with us. Mind you i never told him my infidelity. I don't want to hurt him, I love him, he's amazing to me and our baby. But I'm not happy. I've literally told him all my feelings about this and it's nothing he can do
I'm basically sat here feeling like crap because what I did, how I feel. We stopped having sex because I don't feel a connection anymore. A part of me doesn't know what to do anymore. I hardly have time to write this with everything going on let alone spend the time in need to work on my marriage

Work related arrangement


I’m working on becoming certified as a Dyslexia Educator (tutor). The lady I do work for (as an indie contractor)wants to pay for half of training. These specific tutors make $80-125 per hour (more). What cut should she be allowed to take if she brings me a student after she’s paid for my training?
I’ve worked with her for close to 3 years doing regular tutoring. She pays me $28 an hour (but charges parents more like $65 per hour). She keeps the lions share because it’s her company (obvs). She is generally cool but I’m excited yet concerned because of the power dynamic/investment she wants to make in me. I want to do what is right and fair - thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful answer.

I have to chose between my morals or my friends and I don’t know what to do


I have been friends with these girls for 10 years let’s call them C and S. just last year we started hanging out with another girl, let’s call her K. K is very dramatic and can be very harsh. Recently we have been hangeing out with a girl named A. One day K decided that she doesn’t like A and started talk very badly about her. Then S got influenced by that and started not liking her as well. They are both being very mean to her. Walking away when she comes, talking bad about her when she is standing right beside them. Recently it’s been really bad and I just never expected S to act this mean. I sort of expected it from K. But I just could have never predicted that S who is a sweet girl that never wanted to hurt anyone could be so mean and fake and careless of someone’s feelings. I am the only one that seems to not hate her there for they always leave me with her. Today K said that she can’t hang out with us as much any more because she can’t deal with A. She said that she doesn’t want to make us stop hanging out with A so she is just gonna step back. I thought that was a very mature decision. But the more she talk about it the more a realize that she is trying to manipulate us. It’s working on S but not me. She is trying reverse psychology. It went from I don’t want to make you stop hanging out with her to why do you even hang out with her, I hate the fact that she is making me do this. I’m worried that she is gonna make us pick between her and A. I know for a fact S will have no problem picking K but the soul fact the she might be making us pick makes me wanna pick A. It’s not like I’m closer to A or anything it’s just that I don’t agree with how they are acting. Like I know it’s normal not to like someone but they are being really mean and harsh about it. Today after K said everything, her and S walk away AGAIN and when we went to go follow them they started to walk fast and faster, then they started RUNNING always, A was calling S name but she just kept running, to make them stop I had to yell at S and she stopped because I had never yelled at her, it was just horrible. But I can’t lose S. I love her so much and I can’t leave her. What she is doing and how she is reacting I do not like at all. I just don’t know how to handle it. I want to talk to them about it but I have tried multiple times but they are not really listening and now there is this tension that won’t go away between us. I have never fought with S ever and I can’t handle it. She has changed because of K and I don’t like it but I’m not just going to leave. I almost want to not lose them completely but she them that I don’t agree with what they are doing in a way that they will really listen. I just don’t know what to do pls help because so have a feeling that if I don’t figure it out soon im going to do something I regret

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So I just started my first semester of college and decided to major in Information Technology because I know this is such an In demand career but I never really cared for computers and programming stuff like that.My passion is writing and creating characters in my head(weird I know).I would love to be able to do something like animation maybe but my drawing isn’t the best and I know this is kinda a male dominated field plus I’m a woman of color.Im really scared that I’ll make the wrong choice should I change my major to the arts or stick to what I have and give it a shot.