What can I do?


hello i work with this guy who looks at me all the time. one day he came up to me and introduced himself to me and i got kinda nervous, i didn\'t say much haha. \r\ni was wondering what kind of signals to send to this guy at work to talk to me but with being very busy at work i find it very hard to approach him. there are times i\'m not near him to say anything to him.\r\nwhat can i do? he\'s always staring at me so i\'m thinking he\'s interested. it\'s really hard to approach him when i\'m in different areas at my job and may not get a chance to see him.\r\nthe most we really have done is say hi to each other and after that i\'m not sure how to go about it more lol.\r\nhe\'s probably in his 30s like me and it\'s really impossible to get near him since i\'m not always bear him. Any suggestions? i mean he\'s always looking at me from across the room. i want to poke his eyes out to do something lol and i or he needs to break the ice. i was hoping he would make a move but maybe I should break the ice?

Should i move in with my ex?


I am a 22-year-old Dominican female, and ever since I was about 5 years old I wanted to get married and have two or three kids and a variety of pets (cats dogs and guinea pigs) with a man.

I met my ex while I was at work, through a mutual friend who was coming to visit me. She introduced me to him, and after like 4 months of dating we were in a relationship for almost 3 years.

I was going through a tough time with my mom where I got kicked out, and he was there for me the whole time, making sure that I had a place to sleep while I was homeless for two weeks, (as I could not sleep over his house because he had 9 people at the time living in his home already) helping me move, etc.

throughout the time he also was the main reason why I developed into a much better person than I was before. I miraculously got an apartment very soon after i got kicked out, within those two weeks. I went through 3 sets of roommates and he pointed out to me all the things i was doing that were not good for our relationship or my interaction with anyone, including my mom. He was extremely patient with me, loved me unconditionally, and taught me how to accept others as well as accepting my mom for who she is. So many beautiful things about this man led me to fall in love with him. But our love was never very passionate, i never found myself thinking about him all day or having butterflies or anything like that i just have a deep deep respect for him and i want to keep him in my life. He even agreed to the idea of having an open relationship even though he didn’t like the idea. He taught me how to communicate my feelings easily, a whole bunch of beautiful things.

Anyway. The reason why we broke up was because I was no longer attracted to him due to the fact that he didn’t have a job and didn’t really try to keep one throughout our relationship. He liked to smoke weed, have sex with me and play basketball more than he liked to do anything else. He had little side jobs here and there but never anything concrete. I was always having to pay for lunch, if he took me somewhere it would be his mother’s money, when he would smoke with friends he’d be freeloading off of them, and he was always just lazy. It made me lose interest and my love for him became simply appreciation for him helping me grow as a woman.

But since we broke up i haven’t found anyone that is a good match or worth introducing to my family. No one worthy. my dad is 68 years old. And i want him to meet his grandchildren. My ex is a man i can raise children with proudly and never have to worry about abuse, or disrespect, or infidelity, or any kind of conflicts between our families, he’s the ideal match when it comes to long term. On paper.

And since we’ve been apart he has expressed to me that he’s working on getting a job at a bank and making a career out of it. He wants to be part of the investment department. But i don’t know if I’m attracted to him anymore and i don’t want to waste his time or break his heart. I just want to have my family with the right man and i think he is the right man for me. I just don’t feel as attracted to him or in love as i should be.

We have been talking about moving in together sometime next year, because after like 1.5 years in that apartment, i had moved back in with my mother. I also just miss him and i sort of want to get back with him so i can have the family and dream ive always wanted. My mom and i are not getting along well because we never truly have, and i want to move out so our relationship doesn’t have to be so hostile. but I’m afraid that I’m making the wrong choice. I’m not sure if i expressed all the feelings i needed to to convey my thoughts. But i hope someone would be able to understand despite my being all over the place. Thanks in advance!!!!!

Should he blame her?


Recently, my dad got a phone call from a random woman in China asking him to ask my mom to "stay away from her husband." My mom explained the situation to us. Apparently, the woman's husband had previously pursued her in college (he wrote a love letter??? My mom didn't respond to it though, but I think she should have just rejected it outright), and about 5 years ago, at a college reunion, she was added to a group chat with all her friends including the guy. They all chatted, you know how reunions go, and he started spouting that he missed their time together in college and all that flowery nonsense. He also alluded to still having feelings for her?!? (I know, what a douche) And then his wife found out, used his phone, texted my mom, trying to befriend her. My mom was understandably totally weirded out. She told the woman she was sorry, but she was very busy and didn't have time to chat, and promptly unfriended the dude (This was all on WeChat, not over text, actually). This was 5 years ago. Last November, as you all know, COVID-19 hit China. So my mom texted her friends asking if they wanted her to send masks to them, and the same dude she unfriended texted her, saying thanks. She told him you're welcome, but forgot to unfriend him again (in case you didn't know how WeChat works, the person you unfriend can still text you, but you need to re-add them as a friend, text them, and then unfriend them again to tell them anything). His wife, probably snooping on his phone again, flipped out, and started texting my mom, saying, "how could you do this to me," and "I was so friendly to you, I can't believe this" and all that jazz. My mom promptly unfriended the weirdo again. She didn't tell my dad though, she probably just thought the woman was psycho and ignored her and forgot all about it. This afternoon, my dad got the call from the woman (Literally don't know how she even got his number). He was understandably confused and upset, and confronted my mom. She explained the situation, and he did blame the dude, but he also said that she should have just ignored him when he thanked her for the masks. I agree with my dad that she probably should have just ignored him, but he was getting super loud and angry about it, and I don't think this situation was really her fault? But I'm speaking as a fellow woman and from an outside POV. Should my dad blame my mom? I think that psycho couple clearly has some problems and my mom just got dragged into this mess, but again, I'm biased. What do you think?

Driving: I refuse to start until my parents can prove to me that they will treat me like older kid


I am 16 years old, (almost 17), and I am really sad that I haven't started driving yet, but I refuse to start until my parents can prove to me that they will treat me like older kid when I start driving. They make me walk my dog with my 13 and 11 year old siblings (yes it's true), and they make me sit in the backseat of the car so my 13 year old sibling can get the front seat over me (again, yes you read that correctly), all while claiming that they'll be just as fair as any other parent when their kid starts driving. I also have a job, so how can I make sure they will trust me with a car (that I will pay for) when I start driving?

Relationship pressure


I am 18 male from India.I have a neighbour friend of mine (we know each other sonce 7 years) who I take evening walks with. Recently my friend got in a relationship with a girl who was in the same college of mine. He told me about his relationship. The thing is that even I want to get into a relationship as I am tired of being single. But my progress is leading me to nowhere. Furthermore the sexual tension between him and the girl is high so he might get to see some 'action' soon. They bonded quickly within three weeks and here the chances of me getting in a relationship is less. They bonded so much that he even knows her cousins and her distant family members. In other words I am simply jealous of him entering in a relationship. Also when I hear his incidents or anecdotes with her I don't feel like hearing them. I literally feel bad and low and I was about to cry. How do I deal with this?